Facial Aesthetic Surgery

There may be various reasons to seek facial aesthetic surgery. These include dissatisfaction with naturally-given features, congenital problems, the wish to camouflage scars, or a desire to reverse the changes that have occurred due to ageing or life events.But be rest assured these are all safe procedures and are 100% safe.


At the Botox Medical Clinic we are specialists in the improvement and rejuvenation of the face. We provide the full range of facial rejuvenation procedures, including: facelift, neck lift, endoscopic brow lift, fat transfer, eyelid/oculoplastic surgeries and facial implants. Due to our expertise in microsurgery and facial reconstructive work, as well as our specialised technologies (e.g. facial CT scanning and three-dimensional pre-surgical analysis) and customised surgical instruments, we have been able to refine treatments for all areas of the face.So thinking of where to do a facial inplants or facial rejuvenation,Botox medical clinic should cross your mind


Approaching the face as a whole – underlying topography, soft tissues and skin – we often find that more can be achieved with a lighter application of several complementary surgical treatments, each of which addresses a specific physiological component of the ageing process. Furthermore, we perform facial surgeries that respect the balance of proportions and concentration of character within an individual’s face – the aim is to rejuvenate and refine, not to exaggerate. Fundamentally, our skill lies in the provision of understated solutions that refresh and restore.



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